Sunday rituals: 5 step OSEA facial to heal and hydrate dry skin

Winter is a brutal time of year for our skin. There’s the hustle of holiday travel, mad dash for projects and presents, and skin-parching parties (hello rosacea, my old friend) paired with whipping winter winds (I’ve come to talk with eczema again). It’s no wonder that every winter, my face’s wish list consists of nothing more than a little extra love. So goes that saying, “the cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears, or the sea.” As I start to itch  — literally itch — for a little sun and sand, this season I’ve set a quiet ritual of candles and ocean potions. Sundays are my set time for afternoon embarkations into the bath.

Dry skin savior: OSEA Malibu natural skincare

Bottled straight from the sea, all-natural OSEA Malibu is my longtime skin savior and go-to for weekly holidays in a bottle. Their powerhouse skin solutions are packed with vitamins, minerals, and natural ingredients like certified organic seaweed that’s hand-foraged as it drifts from the sea to Patagonia’s pristine shores. Organic, vegan, and gluten-, GMO-, cruelty-free, they check all of the boxes for sensitive skin and conscious consumption alike.
OSEA’s products get along with my skin so well that I’ve actually been following the same skin routine since I stumbled across their site summer before last. A few weeks back their founder’s daughter Mary reached out to see if I’d like to try a couple of their newest formulas. Here’s how I’ve integrated them into a fresh routine that’s calming and nourishing my skin through the holiday season.

1 / Set the mood + Ocean Cleansing Mudd

Start by surrounding yourself with candles and a relaxing playlist (Fleet Foxes, Futurebirds, and Phosphorescent will keep you warm all winter long).
After running a washcloth under warm water to dampen the skin, wake up that face with a layer of Ocean Cleansing Mudd, OSEA’s super fresh cleanser that combines algae, tea tree, peppermint, and rosemary to gently clean with a tingly cool finish.
Smooth it along your face and neck, then leave it to work its magic as you put on a cup of hydrating botanical tea.
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2/ Red Algae Mask

Rinse everything off with warm water, pat dry, then use fingertips to apply a pump of Red Algae Mask all over your fresh face. This potent formula is quickly becoming known as the “jet-lag mask” for its mix of algae, red wine, and French clay.
It can be used as either an all-over mask or as a use-anywhere spot treatment (I applied it to a blemish on my shoulder blade the other night and by morning, everything was dried out and cleared up — this stuff is great).
Like OSEA’s brightening White Algae Mask it’s transparent enough to smooth on and fall asleep wearing, so long as you’re not working with stark white sheets! It has a minty, herbal, and slightly medicinal scent as it hits the skin with a gentle tingle. Leave it on for at least 10 minutes while you enjoy that cup of tea.
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3 / Sea Minerals Mist

Run warm water over your washcloth and gently wipe away all of the algae mask. Then give your whole face a few spritzes of Sea Minerals Mist, a calming blend of Patagonian seaweed, Dead Sea salt, and aloe vera.
I decanted a bit of mine into a travel size bottle to keep at the office and deliver a daily afternoon pick me up. It’s a great primer before applying your daily moisturizer, and beautifully works double duty as a soft finishing spray to set your makeup.

4 / Vitamin Sea Serum

Once your face has dried a bit, pump a dollop of Vitamin Sea Serum onto your finger and glide it over your face, adding a little extra to those character lines and any uneven spots. Made up of seven seaweed extracts, turmeric, green tea, plant-derived ferulic acid, and a generous dose of natural hyaluronic acid, this serum is one serious skin food. With a scentless consistency that feels similar to royal jelly, it visibly smooths and brightens my skin with a finish that sets quickly to lock in moisture and vitamins.

5 / Atmosphere Protection Cream

Last but not least, add on a layer of Atmosphere Protection Cream. I said it once and I’ll say it again: This smells divine – rosemary and lavender and sunshine and childhood in a jar. It’s super lightweight and super duper moisturizing.

That’s it! Five steps to DIY a healthy and simple Sunday facial.

CLEANSE | Ocean Cleansing Mudd
MASK | Red Algae Mask ℅ OSEA
MIST | Sea Minerals
TREAT | Vitamin Sea Serum ℅ OSEA
HYDRATE| Atmosphere Protection Cream

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