Here And There: Cold Weather Outfits + #StyleStories15 Interview

Interview: #StyleStories15

Feb 16, 2015

A brilliant idea coinciding with New York Fashion Week, #stylestories15 highlights good style that’s working for good: outfits created from ethical and sustainable finds from around the world. A couple of weeks ago I was invited to participate by my friend Malorie of The Ethical Writers Coalition, and as promised, my interview is now up. I’m sharing my favorite places to shop sustainably, details on my thrifted and vintage outfit, and what influences my personal style: Interview right this way, or read below:

1. Tell us about your outfit: who made it and why do you love it?
As with most of my outfits, this one is a comfortable blend of favorite second-hand finds. The whole thing is thrifted, from the Louboutins (found on Tradesy), to the Phillip Lim bag (from eBay), to remaining bits picked up at a favorite charity shop: a Saks Fifth wool jacket, Joie Pants, Charter Club button down, Moda International sweater, and vintage sunglasses and jewelry. My engagement ring is an estate piece from Yorkshire, England, and it’s nearly a century older than I am! Each of these items had a story before they found their way into my closet, and to me, that’s really beautiful.
2. What influences your personal style?
I think it’s important to consider form, function, and the lifecycle of the objects we keep, and that includes the garments we tuck away into our wardrobes. I gravitate towards comfortable, easy-to-wear pieces that have a history that I can feel good about, whether that’s supporting a sustainably-minded designer by purchasing a new piece, or finding a gently used, mass-produced item that has found its way into a donation pile. This process has led me to selecting a smaller color palette and number of overall items in natural fabrics that I can easily launder, layer, and combine with each other. Getting dressed with less is easier than I ever imagined.
3. What are your favourite places/ways to shop sustainably?
I have found the very best thing I can do for our environment is shop my own closet. Often if I pull everything out and try it on after gathering up some inspiration from Pinterest, I’ll find new ways to pull together old pieces into something that feels very fresh. And earlier today, a friend and I began planning a closet swap with a few stylish friends – that’s another easy way to refresh your closet while being gentle on the planet.
Online I enjoy Tradesy, Poshmark, eBay, and Etsy, so long as I have a good idea of what I’m searching for before logging onto such massive sites. I can also appreciate larger retailers like Everlane, Nordstrom, and Shopbop, who are becoming more focused on attainable quality and transparency in terms of manufacturing practices and materials, countries of origin. These stores are also becoming great supporters of artisan makers and independent designers, and I really like that movement.
I also find a lot of luck shopping second-hand around Atlanta, which is brimming with fabulous vintage and charity shops. And then again, some of my favorite thrift pieces were found on vacation after hopping on Yelp or asking around about the best shops in an area – most recently, a cozy wool sweater and Hunter boots on a trip to New England! You never know what will turn up in those little thrift shops.

Black Magic

Feb 9, 2015

Lou & Grey Spacedye Sweatshirt - Marled Heathered Grey Black White Pepper Spaceslub - Paige Skyline Skinny Jeans Black Ink

I have vowed to make 2015 a year of balance, and part of that involves fashion tricks that free up time and energy to spend elsewhere. Recently three little hacks have been particularly helpful:
ONE // Knowing that there is nothing wrong with formulaic dressing. I have become so much more confident in buying what I know what will work well over what’s new or novel. So after reviving my favorite tan suede Hudson Horrigan booties with a fresh resoling, I decided I’d like the exact same pair in jet black leather. As you can see, they’re now in regular rotation and I am loving them to death. The same goes with my trusty Paige Skyline jeans, which fit like a glove – a rarity for me when it comes to pants. I have the same pair of jeans in black, a distressed light blue, and after thrifting last weekend, a clean dark rinse. Now I just need them in white and olive! Time for a good eBay, Tradesy, and Poshmark hunt for some 27Rs.

TWO // I have also figured out an easy way to make getting dressed on a low energy morning totally effortless. I just pick out one super textured, patterned, or interesting piece – sweater, top, dress, scarf, or pants – and go all black for everything else. Hat, scarf, jeans, boots, bag. All. Black. Everything. Autopilot. See, I did it up there with that spacedye sweater. Simple and chic, right? I’ve been using this trick with all of my peppered prints lately and have my eye on a few more marled pieces that would be suited to this trick.
THREE // This last one is courtesy of A Cup of Jo. Life becomes so much simpler when you own one dozen great pairs black panties. Brilliantly obvious, isn’t it?
PS: My friend Malorie of The Ethical Writers Coalition has invited me to take part in a very cool project that will coincide with New York Fashion Week. I’ll be sharing details next week, and until then, you can also get involved!

Pushmataaha Rings

Feb 10, 2015

“Now that’s a power ring,” were the first words out of CPR’s mouth when he first saw this jewel on my left hand. And I like to think that’s exactly what Aussie PUSHMATAaHA designer Virginia Rouse would want someone to say about her jewelry collections, through which she has thoughtfully crafted a world of tradition, spirits, strength, and protection (and named for a 19th century Choctaw chief who began fighting for his tribe at the age of thirteen).

Storytelling: Aran Sweaters

Jan 14, 2015

Did you know that the stitches of Aran sweaters can weave a story of the maker’s hopes for the wearer? Cable-knit is a wish for safety and good luck. A honeycomb represents the hard-working bee. The basket stitch symbolizes a fisherman’s basket, and the diamond pattern is a wish of success, wealth, and treasure. Here’s wishing you diamonds and diamonds and diamonds, all year long.

Merry & Bright: Layering Neutrals

Dec 20, 2014

The edge of winter is such a beautiful time in our neck of the woods. There’s a certain quietness everywhere, layers and layers of woolly blankets, hot toddies, wrapping presents for favorite ladies and gents, dreams of snow. And I kvetch about all this frigid weather but secretly love, love how the morning air slaps you right out of bed. Kipper and Pimm’s Cup, not so much – they want to stay cozied up all day!
It feels good to finally start work on some wedding projects (watercolor save the dates, signed and sealed) and enjoy a little time with friends and family as the year winds down. May December be good to you – mind, body, and soul.

Thrifted boots, similar by Jenni Kayne, Stuart Weitzman, Frye, Alexander Wang. Old moto leggings, similar made in USA by Koral. Vintage chunky knit sweater, similar by Zady, Everlane Luxe Wool Square Turtleneck, Cuyana Wool Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater. Thrifted grey wool poncho, similar by Cuyana, Acne, Apiece Apart.

Weekend Yoga

Nov 23, 2014

Earlier this week I posted a little store visit in collaboration with Lou & Grey. Always a fan of something I’ll wear everywhere and love to bits, I was so happy to find that their clothes are cozy enough to sleep in, yet also perfect to fold into your office wardrobe, throw on for errands, gussy up for dinner, or toss in the trusty Andover Trask bag for a comfy workout.
And in seven days I’ve managed to wear this sweatshirt for all of the above. The fit, sleeve stitching, and pockets are just my cup of tea. Also, mega brownie points that, like many shirts in the collection, it’s long enough to throw over a pair soft and stretchy leggings and pop right out the door… Or in my case tonight, stay in for some much-needed vinyasa yoga.
Thank you to Lou & Grey for gifting me a few cozy treats as I round out my year of Nothing New!

Tunic Sweatshirt: Runs large – I usually take a small and am wearing an extra-small.
Spacedye leggings: If you’re tall, size up. I usually take a small (2/4) and a medium fits perfectly.

Lou & Grey

Nov 20, 2014

This week I’m collaborating with Lou & Grey to show you their beautifully edited new Atlanta digs, and to style favorites from their fall and winter collections. Cozy up and have a peek?

“This is a movement. We find freedom in following our instincts. There’s a desire to add texture to a life more considered. Strip away the unnecessary. Authenticity rules. Let your senses be your guide. Laugh out loud … louder. Ease into effortlessness. Comfortably confident & confidently comfortable. Nothing is ever defined by one thing. The ampersand is who we are.”

The first thing you might notice about this newest member of Ann Inc is that Lou & Grey looks and feels more like your favorite coffee shop than a clothing store. Walk into their boutique at Avalon (or Westport, Natick, North Hills, Pasadena) and you’re enveloped by dusty landscapes along the walls, touches of warm wood and hammered jewelry, and welcomed in by the kindest stylists.
Wander past peppered sweaters, fresh succulents, cozy scarves, and the perfect leggings, and you’ll find the makers – Lou & Grey’s careful in-store curation of jewelry, beauty, and home goods, created by independent designers from Brooklyn to Marfa to Portland. One of my favorites was Janessa Leone’s made in LA wool hat, which seemed to match everything I tried on.

Beyond glittering metals and touches of pure cotton, past the familiar sounds of Washed Out, you’ll find hints of bourbon and balsam fir in bottles of small batch perfume, along with the faintest catches of the soft smell of old books. Everything in the shop engages your senses, and it feels like coming home after a long day – calm, comfortable, and relaxing.

Thoughtfully, there’s also a hiding spot for your partner to browse a book as you meander through comfy jackets and hand-built pottery.

While trying on favorites I noticed that nearly every piece in the shop fit well with any other piece, regardless of whether it was in the fall or winter collection. The tightly edited selection of colors made room for a much wider range of textures and little details, like this asymmetrical marled jacket lined in quilted cotton. One sweatshirt could even be turned seams-out to reverse the woven texture for a different feel. As someone trying to do more with less, you can imagine how happy I was to find how easily one could build a capsule wardrobe from a few pieces.

Trying on: Lou & Grey Quiltist Moto Jacket | Lou & Grey Ponte Leggings (also in top outfit) | H by Hudson Horrigan Booties (mine)

I window shopped so many gorgeous pieces (if you’re familiar with this blog you’ll know I’m just one month shy of a year without retail). One of the reasons I endeavored to take on that project was to focus on wellbeing, and as I hit the home stretch, I am getting back into the groove of yoga and continuing to take care of my body – and eyeing some staples in the new year! Many of Lou & Grey’s luxe staples double as stylish workout gear, and the shop had phenomenal perfumes, lip remedies, and all sorts of organic lotions and potions that had me swooning.
Skipping over so many perfect office wardrobe items was so difficult, but (thanking my lucky stars) the Nothing New rules allow me to skip the thrift shop for athletics and unmentionables! This weekend I plan to share a few yoga favorites I found, along with more on their wonderful natural skincare offerings.

Trying on: Lou & Grey Moleskin Cargo Leggings (sold out, comfy similar style here!) | Grey Melange Sweater (sold out, Spring 2015 version here) | H by Hudson Horrigan Booties and vintage gold bangles (mine)


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