Hello! Welcome to Where With Elle

Hi! My name is Jess.

I work as a communications director in Atlanta, Georgia. When my suitcase is unpacked you’ll usually find me biking the BeltLine with my husband, catching a concert, helping out with our little neighborhood organization, or walking the pups — Kipper and Pimm’s Cup — to the farmer’s market for a bite to eat.

Through Where With Elle I hope to create a conversation around building beautiful life filled with exploration and compassion.

I’m an INTJ interested in sustainable and ethical living, so within these pages you’ll soon find lots of lists, series, and dramatic monologues organized by project. I am driven by simplicity, efficiency, nature, oxford commas, and good design.

Over the past five years of documenting what’s in my wardrobe on my old blog, Rose & Fig, I’ve:

Over those years I set aside time to develop a system of personal values that’s helped me become more intentional about what I choose to consume each day. I’ve since shifted my daily habits and decisions to engage in more ethical shopping, make less wasteful purchases, and center my projects and posts around a more sustainable lifestyle.

As the final chapter of Rose & Fig comes to a close, I’m excited to start work on this new story that’s all about celebrating healthy, vibrant, verdant living — where to go, shop, and stay — as well as smart, simple solutions for sustainable living and evergreen guides geared at fostering a more mindful, curious lifestyle that’s filled to the brim with adventure.

Welcome to Where With Elle.

I’m glad you’re here!