A simpler wardrobe: Spring outfits + starting one year of nothing new (this is a long post)

These are outfits I wore the first spring after I set out to whittle down my wardrobe. The fall and winter before looked like this, and the summer after like thisHere’s what my wardrobe looks like nowadays. And here’s an interview on my year of buying nothing new.


Jan 8, 2014

Well now, where were we? Ah yes, 2013 and waxing poetic about the secret lives of secondhand party tops. Right. So. Happy new year to you! I am back from the abyss of a very restorative winter break that was filled with surprises. This year brings me a new position at work, a new backyard, the closure of a three-month suede bootie search, a fresh-from-Roatan tan, and a very special piece of chocolate.
If we’re friends on Instagram you may have already spied this post. I am one lucky girl to have such a kind and wonderful best friend (who knows that my adoration for chocolate conquers all precious stones), and even luckier to get to spend the rest of my life with him.

PS: If you have wedding planning words of wisdom or perhaps a dedicated nuptials Pinterest board, kindly send a note my way?


Feb 4, 2014

“Comfort, simplicity, practicality – these are all American words. It is simplicity in fabric and way of cut. You cannot produce complicated clothes or spend ten days making a dress. Mine is all done by scaling measurements. I use the body as the land, as when building a house.” -Zoran Ladicorbic

While reading Teri Agins’ I developed a mild obsession for Zoran Ladicorbic, a minimalist fashion designer of the nineties who has seemed to evaporate entirely in the time since. Zoran draped neutral tones of silk, cashmere, wool and linen into perfectly proportioned and cleanly cut pieces. Garments came in just one to three sizes, fitted with elastic waistbands and free of closures and ornamentation. He once showed an entire collection out of a briefcase, as each of his pieces folded neatly into the notion of jetpack fashion.
He was evidently eccentric and outspoken. In a bar one night he gave a garbage man a hundred-dollar bill so his friend Kathy could “ride dump-truck for birthday”, and on another he grabbed a pair of shears and tablecloth during dinner and began chopping away at his client Suanne’s long hair. He prescribed his loyal Zoranians dress exclusively in his label, from the silk blouses and linen sweaters down to the peg pants and suede loafers.
Perhaps subconsciously I am slowly joining the Zoranian tribe. This weekend I finally articulated the formula to a hair style I’ve been eyeing: long and angled, tousled into waves, with a touch of ombré (and after watching this how-to video and asking Chad “does it look even now?” seventeen times, successfully DIY’ed it!).
Exfoliating my closet (again) last week, I narrowed my wardrobe palette to an even smaller range of neutrals and colors that play well with one another. I even broke down for a vintage pair of velvety suede, noir smoking slippers last month – itsy Miami Vice gold chains and all. Part of me wants to jump for one of the rare Zoran pieces that occasionally show up on a frequented eBay search, but another thinks that I already have the right ingredients to attain Zoranian enlightenment.
Harold’s linen sweater (thrifted, ), basic peg pants (old T.J.Maxx find, ), Michael Kors Runway . Vintage slippers by Selby, similar velvet and suede smoking slippers and loafers by , , , .

Canadian Tuxedo

Feb 13, 2014

After seeing a #TBT outfit on Style and Metric, I remembered these photos from last fall: trusty Frye boots, Barbour Beadnell, and sweet little Pimm’s Cup.


Neutral Finds

Feb 14, 2014

Since I started this journal I’ve made an effort to fill in my wardrobe with as much thrift and vintage as I can find. Neutral basics have been a bit like a needle in a haystack, but last weekend I found the most beautiful pieces at a local charity shop: Jil Sander tee, ivory cashmere DKNY wrap, flecked wool grey cardigan, and the coziest vintage cable knit jumper, hand-made from rich noir silk.

Ray-Ban Classics + Transitional Dressing

Mar 8, 2014

I appreciate a good pair of aviators. Even though they constantly slid down my nose, I indefinitely borrowed, then lost, my dad’s 62mm Ray-Ban Classics in high school. I parted with many a pair of gas station look-alikes on spring breaks throughout college. And since the summer we first met, I’ve commandeered the Serengetis of my affianced Chad. Last week I set my sights on these Ray-Ban Classics. The 58mm size, polarized Arista green lens, and gold frames fit are just my cup of tea.

Also, I found this gold pyramid necklace at Assistance League Atlanta. It came with a tiny compass and book of magic powers and healing spells. It also has a secret compartment, to, I don’t know, perhaps hide all of one’s dreams and secrets?

BLACK LEATHER & VEGAN LEATHER SHORTS. . Vintage Lord & Taylor cable grey wool sweater (similar options). Vintage gold pyramid necklace (similar on Etsy). Michael Kors “Runway” watch.


Mar 18, 2014

I hope your corner of the world is sunnier than dreary, rainy Atlanta this week. I’m relying on a trusty trench and ankle-skimming cigarette pants (and a zillion TedTalks) to shake off stubborn winter blues.

Khaki trench coat: Thrifted, Zara (similar , , Zady). Top: Old, Lela Rose Neiman Marcus for Target “Guipure.” Cigarette pants: Thrifted, Club Monaco (). Flats: Vintage, Ferragamo “Vara” (Nordstrom, The Real Real). Bag: Phillip Lim Pashli Medium Black: The Real Real / Shopbop / Nordstrom. Jewelry: Necklace by Petitor. Vintage gold bamboo and tortoise shell cuffs.

Turning 25 + Nothing New Challenge

Apr 14, 2014

Last week I crossed the vast invisible threshold into mid-twenties. It feels just a smidge different from early twenties (tell no one!). And, soon, my little blog will turn two.
I also recently realized I’ve gone the nearly four months of 2014 without a new retail clothing purchase. There have been a few thrifting adventures and second-hand eBay finds, but I was surprised to find just how accountable this journal has kept me in making more conscientious fashion decisions. Ever up for a competition, I aim to go the whole year with this nothing new trend. Join in? Follow along?

Recap on a Year Without Retail Fashion:
The Nothing New Challenge


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