Pacific Northwest Is Best: Visit Whidbey Island, Chuckanut Drive, Ruby Beach, Seattle

Ocean Shores, Washington

A week and a half in Washington State was one long sweet, surreal day dream. Our first stop at Ocean Shores unexpectedly introduced us to equine friends: Maggie and Milly. After an afternoon on the beach we were off to Olympic National Forest and idyllic Lake Quinalt for the best salmon nachos in the world.

What to pack: Ocean Shores
Thrifted (Also )
Thrifted wide-brim hat (similar on sale at and )
Ray-Ban Classic Aviators in grey-green and gold
H by Hudson “Horrigan” Booties (Sizing notes)
Bandana ()

Ruby Beach, Olympic National Park

Next up: The Ruby Beach coast along Washington’s Olympic National Park, which is impossibly expansive and remarkably welcoming. At once you feel tiny, humbled, yet also as if you’re coming home, surrounded by a cathedral of ancient trees, rugged bluffs, and icy tidal pools. It’s the sort of place meant for basking in the warm sun, exploring secret caves, and tumbling over driftwood to unearth little sea creatures.

Photo by Caroline Walker Evans
What to pack: Olympic National Park
(wearing a medium)
Ray-Ban Classic Aviators
CPR’s bandana (similar on )

Whidbey Island, Chuckanut Drive, Deception Park

Three more must-see spots in and around Olympic National Park:
Whidbey Island (and lavender farm)
Chuckanut Drive (and brewery)
Beautiful, beautiful Deception Park.

What to pack: Whidbey Island
(fit and review)
Ray-Ban Classic Aviators in grey-green and gold
H by Hudson “Horrigan” Booties (Sizing notes)

Seattle, Washington

After exploring Ocean Shores and Ruby Beach we spent a day soaking up city life in downtown Seattle before heading north to Vancouver. Much like Olympic National Park, Seattle instantly felt like home. Here are a few favorite finds throughout the Emerald City.

Shopping, eats, and drinks at Melrose Market’s Glasswing Clothing & Home Goods, Taylor Shellfish Farms, and Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room (Try Gravitas cupping for a coffee connoisseur, Shakerato Bianco for a sweet tooth).

Take an in-depth tour and whiskey tasting with the thoughtful folks at Westland Distillery.

Rent a canoe at University of Washington‘s Lake Washington docks. Forage for blackberries along the school’s bike path. Scoop up a fresh honey lavender waffle cone at Molly Moon’s Ice Cream.

Stop by Batch 206 for Americana vibes and whiskey pickles (yep, whiskey pickles).

Pike Place, a rite of passage when in Seattle. I loved Moon Valley Organics, Left Bank Books, and saki cups from the adorable Ting Ceramics.

Drop by straight-out-of-a-Wes-Anderson-film Cozy Nut Tavern or nearby Urban Light Studios, which offers gallery events, antique lion taxidermy, and a full tiki room. If the weather’s nice, take a long walk through Washington Park Arboritum. Last but not least, visit anything and everything in Capitol Hill. Anything I missed (besides this phenomenal-sounding ?).

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